All inclusive Beach Break at NohochKay


Adults (18+ Years)
Teens (11 – 17 Years)
Children (5 – 10 Years)
Children 4 years and under (free)


Cost details

Adults (18 Years and up)

Teens (11 - 17 Years)

Children (5 - 10 Years)

Children (4 Years and under)


$69 us

$55 us





$15 us

$10 us



Please Note: The balance owed must be paid at time of excursion to the Tour Operator. In case of a group resevation total Balance must be paid in one lump sum, separate per person payment are not acepted. If your encounter any issues with your tour they must be addressed/resolved with the local operator while you are on site. Refunds due to Operator cancellations other than inclement weather cancellations will be refunded by the tour Provider at time of tour